My name is Steph and this is my personal blog to reblog influences and general stuff I like. I love to draw stuff too so be sure to check out my art blog! Just click right down hurr on that pretty little "Art Blog" button.
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Hey everyone!

I’m raising money to fund my con expenses for the next month or so as well as me moving out into a new place with my boyfriend and pals! What better way than with a spring art sale? 

1 full body, full color character is only 15 bucks!

2 full body, full color characters is only 25! 

Up top are some examples of character work and commissions I’ve done before! (Left: Attack on Titan, Middle: My comic character Bebe, Right: Commission for Ken Ashcorp of his cute mascot!)

I accept payments through paypal! 

Hope to be drawing something fun for you all soon!

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As soon as I finished watching Winter Soldier I was mentally screaming “I NEED TO DRAW HIS ROBO ARM COVERED IN GRAFFITI INSTEAD OF TATTOOS” and so here is Punk!Winter Soldier, who also has some Steve/WWII inspired tattoos on his other arm… either Hydra got lazy and didn’t have them removed, or this is a post-movie Bucky, who is slowly adding more tattoos as he begins to remember more and excuse me I need a minute. Also is that a target on the assassins back or Caps Shield??? Either way, man.